Creatively Deprived Part Two

congrats to me

The bed was hugging me with all his might and I tried to untangle its wrap. My eyes were doing the same kind of dance with the alarm clock. Still, being awake for way too long, my left eye is still fighting gravity. My head filled with worries the moment my feet hit the floor. The smile that comes up when I have happy thoughts, when I have taken some time to go in the sun and when I written yet another article, whisks away those positive-threads-eating-monsters in my head, until I am only work and sun. And one twitching eye.

This struggle made me very grateful of today’s prompt ‘say your name’. The name of my blog ‘Creatively Deprived’ is unfortunately very applicable today. You can leave out the ‘self-help’. No self help here, the motivation comes from externally sources only. Like from the Daily Prompt. So to answer the last question: would you like to rename yourself? Yes. At least for today.

That’s all.


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