Far, Far Away, In A Town By The Sea

tumblr_mdly5knB0j1rq7r9mo1_500The light, white curtains move slightly as I open my eyes. Through them I see the blue sky. The bed sheets are colored the same way, making a smooth transition between the world I am laying on and the sky I am in. The pillows have fallen on the floor, where my trousers and blouse are.

As I breathe in, the salty air remind me of the harbor I docked yesterday coming in from the main land. The tiled floor is cold on my feet. Slowly moving towards the warmth of the sun I catch the newspaper headlines, something about death and protests. I turn towards the balcony and take the strawberries that are on the little shabby table near the open doors.

Outside the sea carries three little sailing ships, similar to what brought me to this land. The memories fade to the back of my mind when I set my teeth into the sweet flesh of the red strawberry. The juice is dripping down on the cracked wood. As I sit down, I can hear the wind playing with the palm tree that stand between me and the ocean. I yawn, I can’t remember why I got up. The bed is whispering behind me, calling me.

Come back, it’s way too early, the voice says. As I turn, I recognize his hands reaching out for me. This was going to be the trip to finish my novel, finish my paintings, to start something afresh. Make something of my life. As the world turns, life juggles with the outcomes. And I couldn’t have predicted this. It’s not good for my creativity, but it’s damn good for my skin.

This is a special creative episode for the Daily Prompt called the Tourist Trap. What do you think? Do you like the setting? Are you waiting what is coming next? Or is it too sweet?

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