The Writer Writes

Today it is d-day for a lot of writers: do I participate in the NaNoWriMo or not?! It’s a difficult question, for me, because it is very motivating to have a bunch of fellow writers struggling with you through every heart-breaking moment. However, this year I have decided not to participate. I had to share. Why? Because I need some validation that my decision is just. Well, of course it’s just. It’s my decision. And there are probably 50 projects that I am involved in at the same time. Which is good, starting your own business, you can better be too busy than bored to death because there is nothing to do. On the other hand, I forget stuff. Obvious stuff, like birthday’s, important stuff, like deadlines, and still I manage to keep my head together. And I still want to do more. Yes, I really want to do the NaNoWriMo. But. No. I really shouldn’t.


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