Admitting That It Ain’t Working

Remember that post I had written about giving yourself the compliment and just try stuff, even though you are not an expert? Well, I try that every other day since we have started the Dutch website DIY creatives. I find myself in creative corners I have never been before and sometimes it works gigantically well. Other times not so much. Like this morning.

I had seen this cute tutorial on how to make a squirrel from one glove. Very cute. I thought doable. But when I looked at my glove, which was nitted, I started to second guess the tutorial, because the moment I would set my scissors into the glove it would fall apart. The design was not right. So I decided to make the same squirrel from a different fabric. To make a long story short: it didn’t go great. It didn’t go at all well. It went bad and I threw it away. All that work for nothing, I thought, I could have used this time much more effectively.

But then I thought about that quote in that earlier post and the last two and a half sentences:

And if you are not good, who cares? You tried something. Now you know something about yourself.

What did I learn from this failure of a squirrel? That my old patterns (my previous survival strategies if you’d like) are still there, lurking in the back. I have voices in my head telling me ‘See, you should have known you wouldn’t be good at it. Why do you think you can do that?’

What to do? I mean, we can’t give this voice a chance, right? If I would do that, I wouldn’t try anything anymore. Or at least not stuff that might seem out of my league now. If I do keep trying, I might stumble across something that I will be brilliant at!

So I am taking on a new mantra:

I am learning and learning is never a waste of time.


4 thoughts on “Admitting That It Ain’t Working

  1. Yeah that’s what I always say. Sometimes some of my friends fret a little they have chosen the wrong course to study or whatever and worry they wasted time but like you said learning is never a waste of time.

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