Back From The Dead

I mean this blog, not myself. Since I have been alive every day from the moment I stopped blogging. However, an article from Uppercase on Austin Kleon inspired me. To share again. So here is my breakfast table, I love these kind of morning. A bit messy, but surrounded with good stuff.


Don’t Mess With Super Glue


The photo shows my dear friend Paula and the mess we made. We have learned one important lesson tonight and I have to share it with you, because seriously, this might be the life lesson you are waiting for:

Don’t mess with super glue. You might get stuck.

Apart from this very important piece of knowledge, I would like to share the result of this peaceful mess:


This would be my interpretation of the whole NSA scandal (although I came up with this theme after finishing it, sounds legit, right?!)


Liefde means love. Nothing to add.

Peace. Out.

Getting Some Inspiration

Brian OldhamMy friend calculated that if I would leave at 2.15 am that I would home in time for 8 hours sleep. At around half past eleven I was already thinking, I am so tired, I need to go home. Of course my friend wouldn’t have it and so I stayed until 2.15 pm. At that moment¬†everybody was getting their jackets and bags, ready to leave. So I got my coat and left the house with them. Nobody got left behind. Even though I live a 10 minute bike ride away from the b-day girls house, I managed to get home at 5 am.

So, yes, this is another post on how, if you decide to party, you won’t get any work done. No inspirational blogposts and no quality time pursueing one of my artistic dreams. In stead I¬†leave you with another website, where I get inspiration from: My Modern Metropolis. The photo above is from that site and they give you beautiful photographs, architectural inspiration and remarking art. A website worth checking out when you, like me, have no energy or inspiration to make something yourself.