5 Inspirational Web Sources

Thankfully, the inspiration does not always have to come from within. There are so many touching stories in the world and the internet is a great channel to communicate these messages. I wanted to share, because sometimes you have read stuff by other people in order to make your own story complete. At least I do. Not all posts at all sources are worth watching or reading, but most of them are. I don’t like people to impose stuff on other people. We are all free and so, if you don’t think these sources are truly inspirational, no worries! In fact, I am very curious what would inspire you!

1. F**k It!

I have to start with the people behind the F**k It books and retreats, the lovely Gaia and John. I am more like John, the thinker. I am drawn towards Gaia, with her inner strength and intuïtion. Man, I can still learn from her: to be able to trust in the earth to carry you. To rest on the energy that is inside and around you. What I love about F**k It, is that they are open, non-judgemental. You can believe whatever you believe and you can join them or not, either way is fine. And I love their humor. Especially John is what we call in the Netherlands a ‘dry’ Englishman. I love it. You can find them on Facebook and at their own website of course.

Fuck It(You know what the funny thing is? I started going through their images on Facebook and I couldn’t choose. A lot of it still makes a lot of sense (even though some stuff is really clear and obvious), I have to reread that book again!)

2. Justine Musk

I have probably mentioned her before. The pieces she writes, man, that is some powerful sh*t! These are long pieces and it started coming back to me this week that taking time for these articles actually inspire me to be more me and to believe that the choices I make and the steps I am taking are good. I read this piece and today I have told a friend of mine, I was worried about her. Perhaps it’s not exactly what the articles encourages, but I wanted to hear her truth. And by asking her, I was telling my truth: I wanted to connect with her again.

3. The Elephant

For this website you need a subscription. Or, when you are good with reading just 15 articles weekly, you can sign up for the free newsletter. The latter I did, because, well, money is an issue. Anyhow, I love the articles coming into my mailbox. Even the pictures are just inspiring. It’s on mindfulness and how you can live a more conscious life. Worth checking out.

Quote Elephant4. Upworthy/ Button Poetry

Yes, it is getting less and less special, we haven’t heard of these and into the yes, we know. Okay. But I have seen some pretty amazing stuff on there. Mainly videos by Button Poetry on the most courageous topics. Like for example on rape. Or this video on how women grow in, instead of out.

5. Aww Club

Sometimes you just need a friendly smile, a hug and a picture of cute animals.

Happy Dog


Getting Your Inspiration Elsewhere

Of course, I could go on and on, really on and on and on, about all the great stuff I am planning and doing, but sometimes it’s good to realize others are also on a path to becoming more yourself. First off, I just want to share with you this amazing post called ‘the art of thinking highly of yourself (without being a totally obnoxious narcissist or something)’ from Justine, she writes:

We want, we need, our own fucking stories.

This is just one sentence from the epic post on how we should trust ourselves in what we think is good. Good for us, good for others and that we should trust in our own story. Women tend to not be good at this. We jump out of the way when someone says we ought to be in the spotlights. We shouldn’t do this anymore. Why be Hermoine if we can be our own fucking Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen! Read the story to get the whole gist.

The new energy I have found, makes me also a bit stressed at some times. Mostly because I get less sleep. That’s my own choice and at some point I would love to slow down and lay in a field of flowers and grass to stare at the clouds drifting by and closing them the moment the sun shines on my face. It’s like Seth Godin says: being busy can be explained in two ways. You are either stressed, moving from one thing to the other because you feel pushed and hunted, you do things that are urgent but not important. You are short term visioned. Or you are passionate, you are driven by a heartfelt emotion to achieve something greater than yourself. You are productive, have a long term vision and do things because they make you feel good.

Sometime ago I felt stressed, the hunted feeling that I needed to get things done because that’s what I needed to do to get acknowledgement. I needed to feel loved through working a lot. Nowadays I might work less hard on some projects but even more on others, because those things that make me happy drive me. It doesn’t matter that I am doing a newsletter late Monday night, because I love working with the client (and a friend as well). He is just starting out, discovering things and I am taken on that journey with him. That’s so fulfilling. Oh my. I could do that all day long.

But in the end, I am stuck sitting at my desk and sometimes I just feel like breaking free doing more to stay inspired throughout the day. Of course, I get to do all the fun stuff working at my office: write articles, travel around the world (just one of the greatest perks) and talk to interesting people. On the other hand, there are a lot of people in the business that think they are so important, but instead of driven by the heart, they are mostly driven by money. My energy level goes down talking those people.

I get it, sure, I love to have more money too, because it would make life easier. But there is nothing fulfilling about money. I would rather be poor (and what’s poor, really? especially living in the privileged country that we do) and do the things that I love, than do the things I don’t like but making a million bucks a week. Period.

All to be able to make my own story, to live up to the story that’s in my heart.

Be Bold Enough To Write

Self-doubt, ugh, I do have too much of this. And this is probably the reason I have been postponing. No more! We start today!

Or start by reading the 11 quick + dirty things about writing by the inspirational Justine Musk. She is amazing in motivating me and thinking more freely about what I can do and about being yourself. You should be yourself.