Admitting That It Ain’t Working

Remember that post I had written about giving yourself the compliment and just try stuff, even though you are not an expert? Well, I try that every other day since we have started the Dutch website DIY creatives. I find myself in creative corners I have never been before and sometimes it works gigantically well. Other times not so much. Like this morning.

I had seen this cute tutorial on how to make a squirrel from one glove. Very cute. I thought doable. But when I looked at my glove, which was nitted, I started to second guess the tutorial, because the moment I would set my scissors into the glove it would fall apart. The design was not right. So I decided to make the same squirrel from a different fabric. To make a long story short: it didn’t go great. It didn’t go at all well. It went bad and I threw it away. All that work for nothing, I thought, I could have used this time much more effectively.

But then I thought about that quote in that earlier post and the last two and a half sentences:

And if you are not good, who cares? You tried something. Now you know something about yourself.

What did I learn from this failure of a squirrel? That my old patterns (my previous survival strategies if you’d like) are still there, lurking in the back. I have voices in my head telling me ‘See, you should have known you wouldn’t be good at it. Why do you think you can do that?’

What to do? I mean, we can’t give this voice a chance, right? If I would do that, I wouldn’t try anything anymore. Or at least not stuff that might seem out of my league now. If I do keep trying, I might stumble across something that I will be brilliant at!

So I am taking on a new mantra:

I am learning and learning is never a waste of time.

Starting Something Afresh

Oh, I just want to keep blogging, but I have to remind myself I don’t have to write important and interesting essays everyday. So today I want to start something afresh and share my creative moment of the day. I live to make collages and today I made this:


Hopefully it turns out to be a 365 project. Fingers crossed!

What We Can Learn From Skateboarders

tumblr_lklm75LFwn1qex42zo1_500Just the other day, I was walking past the park. As I was contemplating what to eat for diner (I was walking from work to the supermarket), I watched these skateboarders doing tricks in the skate park (that’s inception for ya, a park in a park). This guy, definitely not a kid anymore, did some flip on a rod and fell. Hard. He didn’t care, he got up again and started this flip again. Without much success.

The funny thing is, we aren’t surprised when skaters fall. That’s part of the game. In sports, we fall, get up again, fall again, get up again, and so forth. Athletes do it all the time. Still in the heights of their career, when they try something new, they fall, but get back up again.

Why is it in the rest of the world so bad to fall, also known as failing? We judge each other so bad for making bad choices. Why do we push so hard to deliver something perfect at the first try? I am not alone in this: there was a time, I was sitting behind my computer, trying to write a story, but in my head, the little devils was saying ‘it has to be a best-seller’. True story. Of course it didn’t become a best-seller. Far from that. The main reason? Too much pressure!

Let’s take the pressure off and start by thinking about failing as a good thing. Like in sports, we only learn, become stronger if we fail. And if we fail fast, we learn even faster. I think: a day not failing is a day not learning. Only by writing this awful story, we can discover what we do wrong and learn what the trick is to do it right.

If we let go of the perfect picture we are striving for, we let go of the writer blocks, we let go of the empty canvasses, we let go of stammering on stage. We let the flow in. It might be the wrong flow, but we learn from that, it makes our next flow closer to what we are looking to achieve.