Giving Yourself The Compliment

great people

I have to tell you, giving yourself a compliment is not bad. It’s realizing what you are good at and admitting when you are not. I love the quote above, not that I want to brag about being a great person, but I am someone who does stuff before I am good at it.

I personally hate not being good at stuff, I like to master a skill before I set even one toe on that path. I don’t want to admit I can’t do something, even though I am getting better and better at getting criticism and taking the learning points from that.

One advice I should give you though: never take criticism without critically looking at the ‘learning points’ given. If you can take the criticism and hold it before you, you can see if you agree, if it is something you can learn from or if you disagree. Take it in when you have decided what to do with it. I used to take in criticism as a whole and started thinking about it after this absorbing.

Yesterday I got a massive load of compliments about my work. Today I disappointed a client. Yesterday I celebrated my good work. Today I realized writing is my strongest point, but other skills should be developed. Yesterday I floated. Today I compliment myself for feeling the disappointment and celebrate the intention to be more honest about my skills.

Those skills you are not good at, you have to decide: what do I want to do with that? Which extra skills do I want to develop first? I have ambitions. Lots of them. Let’s travel first, write later and when we are back on solid ground, let’s explore and get more skills.